Water resources, water and sanitation and the importance of carrying out these projects with quality

Water resources are the set of surface and groundwater found on the planet and which are essential for life, development and the environment. Water is a limited resource, unevenly distributed and subjected to multiple pressures due to climate change, population growth, urbanization, pollution and overexploitation. For this reason, it is necessary to manage water resources in a sustainable and integrated manner, taking into account their economic, social and environmental values.

Water and sanitation are basic services that satisfy human consumption, hygiene and health needs. Access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation is a human right recognized by the United Nations and a sustainable development goal. However, according to the UN, 3 out of 10 people lack access to safe drinking water services and 6 out of 10 lack access to safely managed sanitation facilities. This has serious consequences for dignity, equity, education, the economy and the environment.

Water and sanitation projects are interventions that seek to improve the availability, quality and efficient use of water, as well as the prevention and treatment of wastewater. These projects can be of different types, such as the construction or rehabilitation of hydraulic infrastructures (wells, networks, deposits, treatment plants, etc.), the promotion of hygiene and sanitation practices (handwashing, use of latrines, management of solid waste, etc.), the training and awareness of users and local authorities (tariffs, maintenance, participation, etc.) or the protection and restoration of water-related ecosystems (watersheds, wetlands, aquifers, etc. )

The importance of carrying out these projects with quality lies in the fact that they can generate multiple benefits for people and the planet. Among them we can mention:

In conclusion, water resources, water and sanitation are key elements for human and sustainable development. Water and sanitation projects are interventions that seek to improve the situation of these elements and that require high quality to generate the expected benefits. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account a series of aspects that guarantee the success of these projects, such as planning, design, construction, management and maintenance. You can only find all this and more in an integral way by hiring the experts with vast experience of INVECRO CONSTRUCTORA.