Do you know what the calculation of structures is and why it is so important? The calculation of structures is the process that allows the design and dimensioning of the parts that make up a building, such as the foundations, beams, columns or walls, so that they can resist the loads and forces that act on them. These loads can be the own weight of the structure, that of the people and objects that occupy it, that of the wind, rain, snow or earthquakes.

The calculation of structures is not a simple or improvised task. It requires technical, scientific and regulatory knowledge, as well as appropriate IT tools. Therefore, it is essential that it be carried out by certified and trained professionals, who can guarantee the safety, functionality and durability of the works.

Professionals who dedicate themselves to the calculation of structures are called structuralists. Structuralists are engineers or architects specialized in the analysis and design of structures. His work consists of studying the characteristics of the land, the architectural project and the materials to be used, in order to define the type and shape of the most suitable structure for each case. Then, they apply mathematical and physical methods to calculate the dimensions and properties of the structural elements, as well as the connections between them. Finally, they prepare plans, reports and technical specifications that serve as the basis for construction.

Structuralists are concerned not only with designing new structures, but also with evaluating and reinforcing existing ones. For example, when you want to expand or modify a building, or when damage or defects are detected in it. Structuralists can also intervene in cases of emergency or catastrophe, to inspect and repair the affected structures.

As you can see, the calculation of structures is an essential activity for the development of engineering and architecture. Without it, it would not be possible to build safe, efficient and sustainable buildings. For this reason, we invite you to learn more about this fascinating field of knowledge and to value the work of the professionals who carry it out.
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