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Waterproofing concrete slabs

The waterproofing of concrete slabs is a technique that consists of applying a protective layer on the surface of the concrete to prevent the penetration of water or humidity that could deteriorate the structure or affect its functionality. Waterproofing is especially important in slabs exposed to the weather, such as terraces, roof terraces, balconies, etc., or in slabs that support hydrostatic loads, such as foundations, basements, swimming pools, etc.

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Heavy machinery rental and rental

The rental of heavy machinery is an option increasingly used by companies and professionals engaged in construction, demolition, mining, agriculture or any other activity that requires the use of specialized equipment to carry out work of great magnitude. The rental of heavy machinery offers multiple advantages compared to the purchase or maintenance of your own equipment.

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Architecture and Architectural Design

Architecture is the art and science of designing spaces that satisfy the different demands of planimetric dimensioning, such as the merely aesthetic and functional aspects that house human activities and that are integrated into the physical and cultural environment.

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