Our construction company


We are INVECRO CONSTRUCTORA S.A de C.V, a consulting and construction company for civil, architectural and electromechanical works affiliated with CICH, CAH, CIMEQH, under the active, permanent and solvent affiliate number: CIRCE: 2220-123-N-CT-CS, Honduran Chamber of the Construction Industry CHICO #752, Secretary of Central American Economic Integration SIECA.

Achieving high transparency indicators and certifications in the governing organizations with demanding industrial quality standards

In the last three years, INVECRO has carried out multiple works in which there are more than 292 projects executed for the construction industry.

85.7% of the projects carried out are in the private sector and 14.3% in the public sector, demonstrating its versatility in implementation, analysis, quality control and data documentation; allowing an impeccable presentation of the work done.


Projects in the last years


Public Sector


Private Sector


We design and build with excellence the physical and material heritage that sustains society for the development of its productive, cultural, artistic, religious and scientific activities, together with the political and legal institutions of the State.

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Industrial ships

We make available to the industry in general practical and modular warehouse solutions tailored to their needs, delivered for use in record time and with high international quality standards.

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Housing and Urbanizations

Our housing solutions are adapted to the different market niches, always generating added value derived from the functionality and ornamentation of the design, built with quality in compliance with national regulations and innovative designs tailored to the needs of the user.

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The basis of a great project is its exhaustive analysis from its formulation. At INVECRO Constructora we have trained and certified professionals to guarantee the structural stability of our projects, as well as the evaluation of the built environment in order to assess risks of already existing structures.

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At INVECRO Constructora we are aware that communication between towns is vital for society, no one builds roads to isolate themselves. Roads are essential for communities, they allow the flow of goods and knowledge. Building roads is synonymous with Progress, at INVECRO Constructora we know this and we have the capacity to build them with quality and speed.

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Water Resources, Water and Sanitation

Water resources are the deposits and inputs of fresh water that are available or potentially available for use by humans to satisfy a need. At INVECRO Constructora we have the ideal professionals to propose and make an adequate use of these resources, and thus responsibly meet the need of a population to support its survival, monitoring the balance and conservation of the planet.

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Industrial Civil Works

At Invecro Constructora we have sufficient professional training and experience to develop the set of assets that provide services to satisfy the needs of a nation, associated with the generation and supply of energy, transportation, communication, and recreation. Our technical team remains at the forefront according to the needs of the modern world.

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